How Prophet Daniel Abodunrin Was Killed And Eaten By Lions While Attempting To Recreate A Biblical Story.

During the Easter Lenten season of 1991, a certain prophet in the city of Ibadan Oyo State  Nigeria named Prophet Daniel Abodunrin took a step that left his name on the lips of every Nigerian as he is still remembered till date for his miracle mission that later became his doom.

The incident occurred at the University of Ibadan zoological garden located within the school premises. Prophet Daniel had arrived at the zoo to recreate the biblical story of his namesake Daniel who was captured by King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon who served in the King’s court until the time of Cyrus, the Persian emperor and thrown into the lions’ den without getting attacked.

According to the Biblical accounts, God sent down some angels to shut the mouth of the lions. Prophet Daniel on this fateful day hoping and believing for the God of Daniel to perform wonders approached the gatekeepers at the zoo, explaining his plan, pleading with them to allow him entry into the lions’ den to showcase signs and wonders proclaiming that the God whom the Biblical Daniel served still exists. His request was denied but after many pleas, disturbances and persuasion, he was allowed. Prophet Daniel then approached where the lions were kept, with a big Bible under his armpit reciting Bible verses, speaking in tongues and calling upon the God of Daniel to perform wonders. The people at the scene were shocked and some even tried to persuade him to abort his mission, devout Christians in the crowd were waiting to see a faith enhancing miracle, while others toughened their minds for the bloodiest drama of the century. He made it into the enclosure of the lions and stared at them. The lions stared back at him and retreated to their confinement as it is customary for wild animals. He might have mistaken the retreat of the lions for a sign of weakness or that the Angels were actually working wonders already, he moved closer to the lions while chanting Bible verses and commanding them to be still. As he made the final approach towards the lions, the lions lifted their bodies, pounced on him and attacked him as he threw away his only weapon, the Bible. In a flash, Prophet Daniel was torn to shreds, his robe and his Bible drenched in blood as the animals fed on his remains.

Months after his death, people condemned him for his rather weird act, however, some religious folks who supported the prophet argued that the lions were possessed by the evil spirits to have attacked a “man of God” and hence should be slaughtered.