Olumo Rock is a mountain in South Western Nigeria, located in the ancient city of Abeokuta, Ogun State.

What makes the Olumo Rock Special? Why does it attract so many tourists?

The Olumo Rock was first discovered by a hunter named Adegbai in 1803. It was a place of refuge from wars and the threat of wars. The Egba people usually use the Olumo Rock as a safe house or hideout during wars, providing them with a perfect vantage point to monitor and counter their enemies’ attacks.

An entrance to a cave in Olumo Rock

The Olumo Rock is a monument of faith and unity. It is a source of strength and unfailing protection and as a result, sacrifices and prayers are offered in an ancient shrine situated on the upper part of the rock by the king of the Egbas referred to as the “Alake of Egbaland on behalf of the people of Egba, the country, and also the tourists visiting the rock. Olumo Rock became a tourist site, in 1976 and since then, there’s been no news of any causalities or fall that has ever been recorded during the course of climbing the rock.[30176740916495613-MTN}

The rock received the name “Olufimo” after the Egba refugees were led by their ancestors through the perplexities of life to the rock. Olumo means- The Lord puts an end to, however other historians believe Olumo means- “All troubles and sufferings are over”.

Though the Olumo Rock is popular for serving as a place of refuge and security during the war, the rock is also believed to possess some healing powers as it serves a spiritual purpose to the residents of the town.

Part of the rock that drips medicinal water

It is also said that some traditional healers find their way to the top of the rock that drips medicinal water, which they use for the purpose of curing various ailments, however, the rock stopped producing water 50 years ago.[678502072096281-ETISALAT]

A mystery that surrounds the Olumo Rock is the existence of a tree of over 200 years which still grows there, the tree neither withers nor shed its leaves throughout the year. It was also reported that the tree flourishes throughout the seasons, whether dry or rainy season.[1743974905550889-AIRTEL]

The Olumo Rock is naturally surrounded by caves, one of which is about 20 feet long and 25 feet wide.

These caves have slab-like stones which appear to have served as seats to the ancient dwellers.

Inside the cave

The Rock also consist of statues that represents the Egba past heroes and symbols of the Egba warriors such as “Iliesha Abi Agbongbakala, Agagba the great hunter “Okonkemu” the first paramount ruler in EgbaLand, Jagun Jagun the sharpshooter and general in command.

At the top of the rock which is about 137 meters from the base, tourists can have a panoramic view of the city. Sights from the top of the rock include: The Old St. Peters Cathedral, The Ogun river, Central Mosque, and Alake’s Palace etc.

A view from the top of the rock

The Olumo Rock is regarded as the most significant representation of Egba people, it is the distinctive monument linked with their heroism and freedom [six,two,nine,one,zero,eight,four,one,zero,five,nine,one,zero,three,seven-GLO].

The Olumo Rock is also one of Nigeria’s most fascinating tourist centers since the completion of new innovations like Museum, Restaurants, & Water fountain in 2006.

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